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Nong Khai Fights PM2.5 Haze with Water Mist Campaign

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Thailand’s Nong Khai province has taken steps to address the issue of overwhelming amount of PM2.5 dust particles, engulfing the province in recent weeks.

Authorities in the region joined forces with Udon Thani’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center to spray water mist in the province from 23-29 March to reduce the levels of air pollution.

The campaign is aimed to lessen PM2.5 dust particles to less than 2.5 microns, so that it doesn’t adversely affect the health of residents. The initiative was launched after the National News Bureau of Thailand reported that PM2.5 dust particles concentration has been quite severe in the province owing to crop burning, vehicles, electricity generation, and the manufacturing industry.

The mist is generated using a machine that sprays water in tiny droplets, which then combine with the PM2.5 particles and cause them to fall to the ground.

Thailand's Nong Khai Fights PM2.5 Haze with Water Mist Campaign
Firefighters spraying water mist around town from a fire engine in Nong Khai (photo: Nong Khai Municipality)

Both Thailand and Laos are currently facing a threat from PM2.5, with deteriorating air quality causing smoky smog in Vientiane and various provinces in Laos.

However, while Thailand has taken direct measures to combat the pollution, such as asking people to work for home or trying to diffuse the pollution with water mist, the Lao government has not yet taken any immediate steps to address the matter, apart from issuing guidelines for residents to take precautionary measures instead.

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