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Japanese Electronic Vehicle Cable Manufacturer Bando Opens Factory in Laos

Electronic Vehicle Charging

Japanese cable manufacturer Bando Densen has opened a factory in Laos, joining a group of competitors that are stepping up their presence in Southeast Asia amid demand for electronic vehicles.

Illegal Currency Exchange Services Causing Price Hikes

A tourist exchanges currency at a bank in Laos (Photo: CareerGappers)

A senior Lao government official has warned that unregistered currency exchange services that violate currency regulations must be punished.

Indonesia’s Largest Bank Mandiri Eyes Lao Market

Mandiri Bank

Indonesia’s state-owned Mandiri Bank has announced its intention to enter Laos and Cambodia.

Alipay Payment Platform Set to Enter Laos

Alipay Laos

Chinese mobile payment platform Alipay is set to make a foray into Laos after Lao Development Bank (LDB) entered into an agreement with KIWI Company to roll out the service.

BCEL, UnionPay to Launch QR Code Payment Service in Laos

BCEL and Unionpay QR Code Payments

Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL) has joined hands with Chinese payment service provider UnionPay International (UPI) to roll out new QR code payment services in Laos.

Laos to Tighten Regulations on Gas Stations

Gas Stations in Laos

Laos will tighten regulations on the location of fuel depots and gas stations in residential areas to ensure the safety of residents.

Laos Expects Rising Demand for Elevators and Escalators

Mitsubishi Elevators in Laos

Japanese electronics giant Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has set up a new subsidiary in Laos amid growing demand in the country for elevators and escalators.

CP All Negotiates for 7-Eleven Stores in Laos

Will 7-Eleven come to Laos?

Will 7-Eleven come to Laos? The question has been up in the air for many years despite continued reports that it would make a foray into the country.