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Boy Wonder: Paris’ Prestigious ESMOD Fashion School Awaits Lao Young Design Wunderkind

Lao Fashion Week 2018

Fashion wunderkind Nanthaveth Buppha, known to friends and family by the nickname “Boy”, is getting set for Paris after taking top spot as Lao Young Designer 2018.

The Laotian Times was at Crowne Plaza Vientiane as the young fashionista took out the top spot among the five design aspirants awarded

Foreigners Married to Lao Citizens Now Entitled to Spouse Visa

Foreigner Spouse Marriage Visa

The Government of Laos will now be issuing foreign spouse visas to foreigners who hold a valid Lao certificate of marriage with a Lao citizen.

Until now, the foreign spouses of Lao citizens received no special privileges or entitlements after completing the lengthy marriage process. Those who held a valid Lao …

South Koreans Latest To Get 30 days Visa-Free Travel in Laos

South Korean visitors, backpackers, business travellers, package tourists, honeymooners and independent adventurers alike can now stay in Laos for up to 30 days without a visa. Could your country be next?

Coming into force September 1, the extension was announced on Thursday, August 30 by the Lao Ministry of Foreign

Number of Lao Married Women Using Contraception Rises Slowly

According to the Lao Social Indicator Survey (LSIS II) launched in June this year, the use of modern contraceptive methods among married women aged 15-49 has increased from 42% in 2011 to 49% in 2017.

The unmet need for modern contraceptives among married women aged 15-49 has declined from

Beauty In Objects

It’s a Sunday afternoon in Vientiane, and visitors dropping into a small art gallery near the centre of town can’t stop smiling. On the walls, and scattered artfully about the room, are all kinds of animals – elephants, chickens, turtles – as well as playful human figures with articulated limbs, …

Nothing Like a Staycation

It’s a muggy and oppressively hot Saturday afternoon in Vientiane, but in the hushed, carpeted corridors of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, there’s no weather at all. Nor are there any intrusive sounds, or smells. Just a soothing, clean, crisp-sheet atmosphere that is both refreshing and, to a certain type of …

Cow and Buffalo Deaths Occur in Vientiane Province

cow and buffalo deaths in vientiane province

In addition to the cow deaths occurring in Vientiane Capital this month, a number of cattle have now died in several villages in Vientiane Province.

Local veterinarians have been unable to determine the cause of death.

Two cows died in Phonsavath Village earlier this month, while ten more cows were …

Chemical Runoff Suspected in Cow Deaths


Chemical runoff from factories is suspected to be the cause of the recent deaths of over 40 cows in a village in Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital.

Authorities are investigating the livestock deaths, and all nearby factories will be inspected for release of chemicals into water sources. Factories found to have …