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Government Plans to Settle Debts by Second Quarter


Government officials are planning to settle over 400 billion kip on balances owed to companies, for completing State investment projects by the end of the second quarter.

Officials are planning to clear their debt for development projects that were pre-approved by the National Assembly (NA), to enable private companies to

Police Regulate Unauthorized Street Traders


In an effort to declutter the streets of Vientiane, authorities took to the footpaths along Khouvieng Road, surrounding areas of Kuadin market and several other various locations around town last week, ordering unsanctioned street vendors and traders to vacate the premises.

The crackdown was issued by the Vientiane Public Works

Daewoo E&C Infiltrates Laos Infrastructure Development

daewoo E&C

On June 15, in attempt to win future bids on developing Lao infrastructure projects, Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. (Daewoo E&C) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lotte Engineering & Construction, the KDB, and Korea Trade & Insurance Corporation with Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company (PTL) .


Riding the Globalization Wave


Driving through the capital city of Vientiane, its apparent that in the past five years, the country has stepped up its globalization game. With investors from all over the globe eager to invest in the country’s vast lands and untapped resources,  Laos is on the bullet train towards worldwide integration.

Connecting the Unconnected with an Offline Internet System


In this day and age, one thing is for certain; information is power. Over four billion people in developing countries are missing out on that power, due to the lack of proper internet access.

More than half of the Lao population are uninformed on the life-changing benefits of connectivity, particularly …

China’s Dams Proving Beneficial


Known as the Lancang River in China, the Mekong river is the heart of Southeast Asian countries, with over 60 million people depending on the river and its tributaries for food, water, transport and many other aspects of their everyday routine.

Since 1993, China has installed six dams along the

Authorities Level the Playing Field for Local Fishermen


Following a fishery legislation installed in 2009, which bans the use of traps and tools that can severely harm fish stocks, authorities in Khong district, Champassak province have recently destroyed hundreds of fish traps along the Mekong River, and the fisherman working upstream are reaping the benefits.

Over 400 fish …

Seatbelts Now Compulsory on Vientiane Roads


While regulations on seatbelt use have existed since 2013, the law has rarely been enforced. Recently, however, Vientiane residents have begun receiving fines from diligent police for failure to buckle up.  

According to Article 18 of the Law on Land Traffic, drivers and passengers of vehicles with four