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Securing Laos’ First Animal Sanctuary for Aged & Infirm Pet & Domestic Furries Sees Friends Flocking to Ball for Wall

Friends of Fur Gathering at Ball for A Wall At Laos' First Animal Sanctuary
Albert Einstein & Friends Would Come Out For Furball 2018

“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals” – Albert Einstein

Hey smart ladies and gents! Animal lovers!! All friends of the fur in Laos!!!

Vimaan Suan Foundation and Crowne Plaza Vientiane jointly present FurBall 2018, a fundraiser for the Vimaan Suan Foundation’s Sanctuary Building Fund that touches down in Vientiane on November 24, 2018.

Award-winning celebrities from Laos including Aluna Thavonsouk, Tot Lina, Ola, Sanonh Maniphonh will be joined by 2018 Pepsi Singing Contest Winner Kob to entertain supporters attending the gala dinner.

Vimaan Suan Foundation is the first foundation dedicated to improving the welfare of domestic animals/pets in Laos to be registered in the country.

Programmes supported by the Foundation include vaccination projects, school and youth education programmes, community service programmes, capacity building programmes and a sanctuary for senior and special-needs dog and cats.

Based on estimates, each ticket sold will help build about 1 square meter of a wall that is some 3m tall to that will help to protect the sanctuary’s resident animals.

All proceeds raised will be earmarked for the First Phase of construction for the sanctuary which is located in Vientiane’s Naxaythong district.

Exclusive partners for FurBall 2018 are BeerLao, Carlsberg, AEnoteca, BlueGrass Design Group, Sisane Artist and Rajah and Tann Asia.

Sponsors and supporters include Lao Tobacco Limited, Mercure Vientiane, Vientiane Dog Paradise, Yokohama Japanese Restaurant, Hangout Restaurant, intown Restaurant, LV Imex, International Veterinary Centre, RDK Group, Tukata Vientiane Nursery, Super BBQ, Coco Bar, The Laotian Times, Soap4Life, Bounxouei Foundation, iVET, Saoban, Panyanivej Organic Farm, MyVet, Planet Internet, KPY, Terminal 8, Lao Lake House, Animal Doctors International with more being added as they are confirmed.

Tickets are $120 and are available at Crowne Plaza Vientiane (please ask for Rhandy), Vientiane Dog Paradise, Yokohama Japanese Restaurant, intown Restaurant, Hangout Restaurant, LV Imex, Bar the Way and directly from Vimaan Suan Foundation volunteers. Tables of 8 are available for $100 per person (total $800) if purchased before November 22, 2018. Credit card sales are available at HangOut Restaurant, intown Restaurant and LV Imex.

Securing Laos' 1st Animal Sanctuary, Friends of Fur Gather for Ball for Wall

Securing Laos' 1st Animal Sanctuary, Friends of Fur Gather for Ball for Wall

20USD per head discount for full table bookings

Friends of Fur Gathering at Ball for A Wall At Laos' First Animal Sanctuary

Buddhist Lent, Boat Racing Festivities as Vientiane’s Riverside Roads Close

Pedestrians & Cyclists rule! Road closures for Boat Racing Festival 2018 in Vientiane Capital

Vientiane’s Mekong Riverside Don Chanh & Fa Ngum roads are closed temporarily from 22-27 October to mark the end of Buddhist Lent and the annual Boat Racing Festival.

The Security Department of Civil Works and Transport announced affected areas as:

  1. Donchanh Road (along the riverside from Pakpasak to Chao Anouvong Statue)
  2. Chao Fa Ngum Road (from the Pakpasak traffic light to Hophakeo museum)


Road Closure announcement in Vientiane Laos

Road Closure announcement in Vientiane Laos

Vientiane’s City 2 Bus has also announced route changes during the festival.

Vientiane City 2 Bus Route Changes

Vientiane City 2 Bus Route Changes for 2018 Boat Racing Festival

Ride sharing App Loca advises passenger patience and a safe trip. Drive safely! Don’t drink!

Loca Advises Driver and Passenger patience during festivities.

Loca Advises Driver and Passenger patience during festivities.


Swiss Horn, Lao Khene, Fanglao Whip Up A Storm for the Ages at Lao National Circus

Winds & Musics

With a horn blazing, local and international folk were drawn out of Vientiane’s homes, guesthouses and hotels like the children in the fabled tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin as “Winds and Musics”, a traditional x modern Lao-Swiss music/dance collaboration, descended with much fanfare upon the capital Friday night.

Out front from the beginning was the incredible swiss horn and saxophone of Switzerland’s own Eliana Burki, ably backed on guitar.

The outsized intruments were hard to miss, and the sounds they created well-adjudged sublime.

The attendees were entranced further when the swiss sounds were joined by the sound of the Lao khene pipe and drums.

Things went up another notch with the addition of dancers, expressing the sounds in the physical form, much to the selight of the crowd of many ages and nationalities.

The intimate yet inclusive Lao National Circus space once again proved a phenomenal locale within to enjoy live music, with the city’s denizens counting down the days until the next chance to enjoy each other’s company in the Lao capital.

Thank you to all including the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation the Winds & Musics Swiss-Lao ເຂົ້າຊົມຟຣີ event, Eliana Burki and all artists for a great Friday night experience in Vientiane, Laos!

Check out more images at @Laos Briefly.

Celebs & Famous Faces Among Line-up to Test Drive Jaguar in Lao Capital

Aluna joins Jaguar Art of Performance Tour

High-speed celebrity spotting went into overdrive at ITECC at the weekend as performers like Jo Jo Miracle, singer Aluna Thavansouk & model and actor Tot Lina joined the famous faces lining up for a spin in a Jaguar over the at Lao-ITECC.

Road to Tokyo2020 Paralympics via Catwalk as Athletes Make Model Efforts

Lao Paralympic Athletes

Tears of joy, pain and expectation; the road to Tokyo2020 Games, like all Olympics and Paralympics before them, is being paved with them, and particularly in the South-East Asian nation of Laos.

The efforts of aspiring Paralympic athletes as they strive to achieve personal bests and to represent their nations at the highest level have always resulted in the shedding of the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears” at locations from one corner of the globe to another.

The fashion industry might seem many metaphorical miles away from the sporting arena in form and function, but the will to compete and the struggle to break down barriers continues apace, in this case in the South-East Asian nation of Laos.

That was the case as Lao Fashion Week teamed up once again with Laos-active Japan NGO Asian Development with the Disabled Persons (ADDP) to showcase Laos’ parasports athletes alongside employees of inclusive social enterprise as amateur fashion models on Laos’ fashion’s biggest professional stage, working to break down barriers to participation in across society.

Pumped to the powerful voice of emerging Lao teen singing sensation Alita Alounsavath to the strains of “never give up, no, no”, the crowd in the Lao capital rose to their feet to applaud the participants and the efforts of the participants and the NGO that supports their struggle to make dreams a reality against the odds.

Alita Alounsavath

Alita Sings up a storm at Lao Fashion Week for ADDP on Road to Tokyo 2020.


Adorned with creations by Japanese flower designer Norie, the models continued a long-running annual collaboration between LFW and ADDP to help make the show a reality. Among them was Pia, who represented Laos at the Rio 2016 Paralympics in powerlifting.

Indeed, the connection between sporting and socio-economic participation lies at the heart of the organisation’s mission. Initiatives of ADDP include the Parasports Promotion Project with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which seeks to smooth the path to greater participation on the road to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and beyond.

The project involves providing training and expertise from Japan and beyond to benefit parasports athletes and coaches in Laos to compete in multiple sports.

The program most recently saw Parasports Powerlifting training in Kyushu, Japan under experienced coach Takashi Jo before participating in Asia-pacific regional championships in the city of Kita-Kyushu.

Wheelchair basketball and goalball, an adapted sport for the vision impaired, also feature in the project.

The latter sport was the subject of a short film inspired by the life and sporting efforts of Lao goalball athlete Ms La Dalavong, whose young life was forever changed by an accident by war-era unexploded ordnance (UXO) before discovering a path forward through sport. A Lao New Wave Cinema production, the film visited the inspiring athlete in her home village and on the sporting court in Vientiane

Other ADDP initiatives include the sign-language friendly and inclusive Minna-no-Cafe where customers and staff alike can communicate with the hard of hearing.

The NGO also works with its employees to produce a range of popular cookies which are for sale at various outlets including the cafe.

ADDP was also a participant in efforts that saw the creation of a Lao-Japan Friendship Sakura Park in Viengxay district, Huaphan province planted with Japanese cherry blossom trees.

As in all nations, the participation of disabled persons in Laos comes up against various barriers of access, physical, social and institutional.

It is understood that greater participation for all people and profile of disability issues in Laos can be increased via ADDP initiatives and major events such as Lao Fashion Week. As in fashion, by celebrating the achievements of past and present participants and strengthening pathways, the dreams of the aspiring Paralympic competitors and fashion industry participants are nurtured alike.

For an industry often criticised as fickle and superficial, initiatives such as this prove the adage that fashion can have a big heart. I’m not crying… you’re crying! Somebody dry my eyes!

Images via Laos Briefly


ANZ Laos Holds Food, Beverage and Agriculture Forum

ANZ Food Beverage Agriculture Forum

Improved domestic cross-border transport and logistics, coupled with widening and deepening demand for clean, green vegetables and fruit both in neighboring China and across the emerging economies of Asia presents a host of potential niche opportunities for Laos to capitalize upon, an audience in Vientiane has heard.

Laos’ geographical position, economic potential, road and rail transport development and relatively high rate of rural dwellers make the need for a more productive agricultural sector inevitable and imperative as well as desirable, the ANZ Food, Beverage and Agriculture Forum was told in the capital.

Despite updates on the risks from global economic headwinds on trade, the mood remained upbeat in Vientiane last week at the forum organised by the Lao institutional arm of the Melbourne, Australia headquartered ANZ Bank, one of Australia’s big four financial institutions.

Increased interest in the agriculture, food and beverage production sectors come at a time when Lao policy is attempting to walk a fine fiscal line, seeking increased investment into the landlocked country to make the most of opportunities afforded by improved regional transport and infrastructure links and the demand driven by consumer trends in much larger neighboring markets.

Existing strengths such as the country’s famed coffee and tea crops, and potentials such as milk production were important areas on which to focus, ANZ Agribusiness Insights head Mr Michael Whitehead told the forum.

High-quality products based on clean and green production and carefully niche targeting alongside the development of “Brand Lao / Brand Laos” were ways to thrive and prosper in a competitive global environment as consumer tastes and relative supply capacities continue to rapidly evolve across the region.

The forum saw attendance from Lao and international firms large, medium, small as were representatives of ministerial bodies, the diplomatic corps and international organizations.

Advice and experience of established firms in Laos was also aired and shared by business in the form of the Carslberg-invested Lao Brewery Company, producer of the popular Beerlao and Tigerhead Water brands as well as Lao franchisee for Pepsi Cola was joined by firms including Mekong Timber Plantations.

Hosted by Crowne Plaza Hotel Vientiane, forum attendees included Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce H.E. Phanthong Phitthoumma, Vice Minister of Finance, Mme Thipphakone Chanthavongsa, Vice President of LNCCI, Mr Daovone Phachanthavong, along with Australia’s Ambassador to the Lao PDR, Mr Jean-Bernard Carrasco.

Joining Mr Whitehead were ANZ’s Head of Food, Beverage and Agribusiness, Patrick Vizzone, and CEO ANZ Laos Rufus Pinto for the August 30 event.

Images: Laos Briefly

Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 9 in Laos

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The biggest and most powerful smartphone is back in its latest iteration, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and comes with the new intelligent S Pen to really blow away the competition.

The product was officially launched in Laos by Lao Samsung Electronics on Tuesday.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is possibly the highest performance Android device on the market, and includes a 4000 mAh battery with fast power charge, for long life and use.

It features a dual rear camera system including two 12-megapixel cameras, one wide angle with dual aperture and the other a 2x telephoto camera.

The phone includes 128 GB of internal memory and RAM at 6\8 GB, and features a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display screen size with QHD resolution and HDMI connectivity.


The latest addition to the newest in the Galaxy series is the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, which uses a supercapacitor to operate the S Pen away from the phone for up to 30 minutes. Users can then simply slide the S Pen back into the phone body for a full charge.

The Intelligent S Pen can be used to activate functions on the phone itself, such as video or camera remote control, power point slide control, etc.

Managing Director of Samsung Laos

According to Managing Director of Lao Samsung Electronics, Mr. Seungho Choi, Samsung not only leads the smartphone market, but continually focuses on developing new functions for the convenience of users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched at an official ceremony in Vientiane, attended by Mr. Seungho Choi, alongside members of the business community, government officials, and invited guests.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available at all Samsung retailers across the country.

Photos: Lao Samsung Electronics 

Miss Universe Laos 2018 Selected Without Contest

Miss Universe Laos 2018

The Miss Universe Laos Organization has officially announced its selection and appointment of On-anong Homsombath to represent Laos in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

Miss On-anong was suddenly announced as the Miss Universe Laos representative today in a move that surprised many of the competition’s closest followers, who expressed concern at the lack of any contest to decide the winner.

The organizer, TVLAO HD, announced the appointment on its Facebook page, saying, “On-anong Homsombath, first runner up Miss Universe Laos 2017, age 23, height 171cm, graduated from Kaposvar University, Hungary 2017, majoring in International relations. She worked at the Mekong River Commission.”

Miss Universe Laos 2018 full shot

The 23-year-old was described as having a unique and outstanding beauty, language competency, elegance, and understanding of Lao culture, which made her deserving of representing Lao women in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

The competition has been fraught with controversy this year, with the sudden selection of this candidate coming directly after the very public resignation of Alexandra Bounxouei, a popular musician, as director of the contest. Ms Alexandra she cited a lack of preparedness and transparency as the reason for her resignation.

alexandra resigns from Miss Universe