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Bus Crash in Northern Laos Leaves 13 Dead, 29 Injured

Bus Crash in Northern Laos

A bus crash in northern Laos has left at least 13 Chinese nationals killed, 29 injured, including two Lao nationals, with one still missing.

Laos, Thailand To Build Another Friendship Bridge

Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge

Laos and Thailand are considering the construction of one more friendship bridge to connect the two countries in a move that would link Vientiane Province and Loei.

Labor Imbalance Causes Unemployment in Laos

Construction Industry Labor Shortage Causes Unemployment in Laos (Photo: ILO)

An imbalance in the supply and demand of labor in some sectors poses a challenge for Laos in its efforts to tackle rising unemployment.

Construction of New, Mega Cultural Park in Vientiane Commences

Cultural Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

Construction of Lanxang Cultural Park kicked off on August 9 with a ground-breaking ceremony for the project.

Toong: a Hub for Progressive Entrepreneurs in Vientiane

Toong Coworking Space in Vientiane

For daring businesses and audacious go-getters based in Vientiane, it is always a headache to look for a flexible and innovative workspace, given the fact that the leasing office market is dominated by traditional four-walled, stuffy workstations. Toong Coworking Space is the response to this hunger.

Could Edible Insects be The Next Big Industry for Laos?

insects as food

Edible insects first sparked international attention in 2013 when the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published a report referring to them as one way to solve the global food shortage.

World Bank Projects Positive Economic Growth for Laos

Economic Growth to Improve in Laos (Photo: That Luang Special Economic Zone)

The World Bank has projected that economic growth in Laos is expected to recover 6.5 percent in 2019, from 6.3 percent in the previous year, mainly driven by strong investment inflows to large infrastructure projects, including the Lao-China railway.

Japanese Electronic Vehicle Cable Manufacturer Bando Opens Factory in Laos

Electronic Vehicle Charging

Japanese cable manufacturer Bando Densen has opened a factory in Laos, joining a group of competitors that are stepping up their presence in Southeast Asia amid demand for electronic vehicles.